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My paintings are designed on computer, stored in electronic files and then drawn by printers in companies equipped with high quality reprography. I start from photographs of reality whose diversity, disorder or sometimes fractal perfection enchant me. Read the introduction...

It presents works of digital art in ink, often abstract or semi-abstract, sometimes accompanied by photographs that illustrate the environment of the creative process.

Initially, these graphics are electronic files. They are materialized on demand on one of the following supports: film on aluminium (dibond) or directly ink on aluminium (also dibond), synthetic canvas, synthetic tarpaulin, linoleum or enamel. Their price depends on the surface of the object, the chosen support and the number of copies requested. The order of magnitude of the price of a square meter of film on dibond is 300€, all other techniques, except the tarpaulin, are more expensive. Please contact us in case of a special request : teorg.maelbergs@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest.

The sources of some series (photographs) were given to me by friends or colleagues. Note in particular

  • Bruno Gagliardi (BrG) for the Way of Saint James (Compostela) theme,
  • Marie-Chantal Frère-Sautot (MCFS) for the Middle East theme,
  • Patrick Halter (PH) and Roland Spannagel (RS) for the Industry theme.

But they are not the only ones. You will find sources other than my own (T.M. or TM) in the legend of the works.
Teorg Maelbergs.

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